Dr. Brown

The Ultimate Healing & Prevention Program

  • Inititial Consultation and follow ups & testing Blood, urine, saliva or stool
  • Optional Bio-identical hormones, Osetopathic Manipulaton Therapy
  • Light and Sound Therapy
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60 Full Body Detox

60 Day Detox

  • Includes, Bio-Resonance Testing, Neurologic, Orthopedic, Musculoskeletal and Organ exam and treatment.
  • Includes Customized Supplement package
  • Includes 8 Red-Near Infrared Light & Sound Treatments
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6 Month

Bio-Resonance Immunity Booster Program

  • Includes Bio-Resonance Testing, Physical Examination, Cranial Release and full body evaluation
  • Monthly Cranial Release and progress reports
  • Bio-Resonance Frequency re-test and progress review
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Gold Membership

Light and Sound


(Save 70% Off)
  • 10 red - near infrared light treatments per month
  • 10 frequency/ Vibration sessions per month
  • 10% off all products and services
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